As fibers get locally available, they don’t have to be transported from abroad thus reducing pollution and saving energy. Lesser energy is consumed while processing, as items, does not need to be re-dyed or scoured. Wastewater reduces as it does not have to be thoroughly washed with large volumes of

Why Recycling of Textile?

Textile recycling is good for both, environmental and economic
benefits. It avoids many polluting and energy-intensive processes
that are used to make textiles from fresh materials.
The requirement of landfill space is reduced. Textiles lead to
many problems in a landfill. Synthetic fiber doesn’t decompose.
Woolen garments do decompose but also produce methane, which
contributes to global warming.Pressure on fresh resources too is
reduced. This leads to the balance of payments as we buy fewer
materials for our requirements.

What does Kaizen Recycle do?

Project One

Project Two

Project Three


Kaizen Recycle is offering different styles of packaging for their products.
To make it easier and faster while loading/unloading we are using big bales, small bales, big bags, small bags and plastic bags.
More information about our packaging styles.

Plastic bags (transparent) 15/30 KG
Small Bales 40/100 KG
Small Bags 60/80 KG
Big Bags 100/200 KG
Big Bales 400/500 KG


Crème) Fashion clothing in impeccable condition / new
Grade A) Gently used clothing
Grade B) Clothing with minor defects/imperfections
Grade C) Rags/Recycling – Unusable clothing
Grade D) Wastage cotton/Used cotton

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